Add-On: Schedule and Send Emails from automatically from your Google Spreadsheet Documents

Schedule Emails and send your Google Spreadsheet data automatically to one or more recipients. Convert your sheets in PDF, Excel or CSV. Save it to Google Drive too. New: Multiple schedules per sheet available.

The main idea of the Schedule & Send Email Add-On is that you schedule emails on a regular basis in order to send your Google Spreadsheet data automatically to the email inbox of your recipients. Optionally you can save your files in Google Drive too e.g. for documentation reasons.

Both is especially required when you create reports or dashboards with the use of the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-On but you can use it for any other use case as well.

Following I explain you in detail how the Schedule & Send Email Add-On works, which features are available and how you can benefit from it.

Let’s start how you get the add-on:

Install the Add-On in Google Spreadsheets for free

The Schedule & Send Email Plugin is available for Google Spreadsheet via the Google Chrome Browser only: You can find and install it directly via Google Spreadheet, on it’s landingpage or here in the Spreadsheet Add-On store.

Hint: The Schedule & Send Email add-on is for free!

To install the Add-On choose a random Google Spreadsheet. In the menue, click Add-ons –> Manage Add-Ons and search for „schedule & send email“:

Schedule & Send Email Plugin Step 1

Screenshot: Schedule & Send Email Plugin Step 1

Next, click the blue „+ Free“ button: The Add-On will now be installed in your Google Chrome Browser for free.

After installing the plugin it is available via Add-Ons –> Schedule & Send Emails in Google Spreadsheet.

Screenshot: Schedule-Send-Email-Add-On Menue

To open the settings for scheduling and sending emails click on „Manage Schedules“: A pop-up opens on the right side of your Google Spreadsheet.


Screenshot: Schedule-Send-Email-Addon

Now you can start set up your schedule.


Let me briefly introduce you the different settings, starting with the reporting settings:

Schedule&Send Emails: Report Settings

With the report settings you can define which of your sheets you want to automatically send per email.

Use the “Edit Report Settings” Button to define your report settings.

A pop-up opens:

Report Settings

Here you can convert one, several or your entire spreadsheet as PDF, Microsoft Excel, Open Document Spreadsheet (.ODS)  or Comma Seperated Values (.CSV) files.

For PDFs you can use all settings available within Googles API like paper size, paper layout, scale, margin, page numbers, different formatting as well as header & footer settings.

Please note: Google only allows to send a maximum of 5 sheets per email. Further files will be sent empty or broken. >> See Google limits.

You can work around this limit by using the PDF Merger which is available in the PRO version of this add-on.

With the PDF Merger you can merge all your sheets to one PDF file (instead of sending X single sheets).

Choose a desired filename including the current date or other dynamic cell values directly from your spreadsheet.

You can also use the current sheet name for your email attachments.

After configuring your PDF you can simply click on the „Preview“ button on the bottom of the interface. A new tab opens in your browser and you can see what your recipients will get when you sent them your PDF files.

This not only works for your PDFs.

You can also preview your excel, ods or csv files.

Save your settings and go further with the email settings.

Schedule&Send Emails: Email Settings

With the email settings you can define to whom you will send your reports.

Use the “Edit Email Settings” button for that.

A pop-up opens.

Email Settings

Screenshot: Email Settings

Here you find the typical email functionalities like a To, CC, BCC, subject and body field.

Note: To send your sheets to several recipients simply add several email addresses in the designated text field and separate several addresses via a semicolon.

Also note: According to another Google limit you can only send emails to a maximum of 50 recipients. Please note that group emails will NOT count as single email address but for each person within the group. If you want to send emails to more than 50 recipients you need an email provider which distributes the messages itself.

Like in the report settings you can insert dynamic values to your email settings.

For example: Insert the current date in the email subject or important spreadsheet metrics in the email body.

Save your settings.

Send Email Now

You can now send your sheet(s) manually to your recipients.

This is helpful if you want to test your setup and send a test email to you, before you start sending it to e.g. your boss.

It is also helpful when you often need to send Spreadsheet data manually per email but don’t want to export the files and attach it to your email client each time.

Use the blue “Send Email Now” buttont to manually send an email.

Save to Google Drive

Optionally you can save your files to Google Drive too.

I use this feature for documentation reasons, so that I can always have a look on the reported data in the past.

Please note: This is a BETA-feature and will be optimized in future. If you have any hints or needs just let me know.

Schedule&Send Emails: Schedule Settings

Next to the manual email sending, set up a schedule for reporting automation.

The following schedules are available:

  • One time
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly and
  • Monthly

For this, choose the “Edit Schedule Setting” button to open the settings field.

A pop-up opens again.

Schedule Settings

Screenshot: Schedule Settings

Click on “Add” to add a new email schedule and configure the schedule as desired.

Hint: You can create one or up to 7 schedules for your spreadsheet. If you need to configure more than 7 schedules upgrade to PRO. In the PRO version of this add-on you can create an unlimited amount of timly schedules.

For example, if you wish to automatically send your reports only on weekdays add five “daily” email schedules – one for each weekday.

Note: There is no “weekdays” option. Instead you can add multiple schedules for multiple requirements. This allows you to send your Monday-schedule between 8am and 9am and your Tuesday-schedule between 4pm and 5pm, etc. This makes the Add-On much more flexible and dynamic, instead of adding a static weekday-schedule.

Note: In the free version you can create several schedules but need to send it always to the same recipients. To send different sheets with different settings to different recipients you need the “multiple schedules” feature which is available in the PRO version. Simply upgrade to PRO to instantly use it.

Save your settings.

Now you can start scheduling your emails by clicking the “Enable Schedule” button.

You will be noticed that scheduling is enabled via a green bar at the top of the add-on:

Schedule & Send Email Add-On aktiv

Screenshot: Active Schedule & Send Email Add-On

To disable scheduling for one specific person, delete this person from the email address field. Save and schedule your settings again.

To disable scheduling for all persons, click on the “Disable Schedule” button.

You will be noticed that scheduling is disabled via a red bar at the top of the add-on:

Schedule & Send Email Add-On inaktiv

Screenshot: Inactive Schedule & Send Email Add-On


Now you can lean back and let the add-on do the work. ☕

Also let me shortly tell you the advantages of the PRO version of the schedule&send email add-on:

The Schedule & Send Email Add-On PRO VERSION

[PRO ONLY] Multiple Schedules

The most important benefit of the PRO version are multiple schedules: With this you can send different sheets with different settings to different recipients.

Why is this important?

An example: Maybe your marketing department needs to have a daily report with marketing KPIs. They wish to get an Excel file which is sent to their email inbox. Your marketing manager needs to get the same report but instead of an Excel file as PDF. And finally your CEO also needs to see the marketing KPIs but only once a month.

With the basic version of the plugin you can only setup ONE schedule but you need three different schedules in this use case.

Now with the PRO version of the plugin you can simply setup three different schedules in different file formats, sent to different people.

That’s an huge time and work saving advantage.

Setup Multiple Schedules

After upgrading to PRO, you can create one or several schedules in the schedule overview menu:

Multiple Schedules Oberfläche

Screenshot: Multiple Schedules Home Screen

For each schedule you can set your report settings, email settings and schedule settings exactly like in the free version:

Multiple Schedules Einstellungen für Schedule 1

Screenshot: Multiple Schedules Settings for Schedule 1

You can rename your schedules to easier manage them like for example Marketing Schedule, Manager Schedule and CEO Schedule. Simply click on the schedule name and type in your desired schedule name.

Save your settings and start scheduling your emails by clicking the “Enable Schedule” button exactly like in the free version.

You will be noticed that scheduling is enabled via a green bar right to the schedule name. You will also be noticed about the amount of active schedules via the green bar at the top of the add-on.

Enable or Disable Schedule

Screenshot: Enabled Schedule

You will be noticed that scheduling is disabled via a redbar right to the schedule name:

Disabled Schedule

Screenshot: Disabled Schedule

Enable / Disable all Schedules at once

You can enable and disable all your schedules at once using the „Enable all“ or „Disable all“ buttons:

Screenshot: Enable or disable all schedules at once

[PRO ONLY] Unlimited Time Schedules

In the free version you can set up a maximum of 7 time schedules in the schedule settings interface:

Screenshot: Time Schedule Limit in Free Version

Screenshot: Time Schedule Limit in Free Version

With PRO you can set as many time schedules as you need without any limits. ✅


In the free version you can only send each sheet of your Spreadsheet as a single file.

With PRO you can merge all your sheets to one PDF file. ✅

That’s not only convenient, it also helps you work around a Googles limit.

Google allows to send only 5 to 6 sheets at once whereas all others get damaged.

To avoid getting your files damaged, send them all in one file with the PDF merger. ✅

You will find it in the report settings interface:

merge sheet to one pdf file

Screenshot: Merge Sheets to one PDF File

[PRO ONLY] Premium Support

I build this add-on to save time and reduce work complexity.

That’s why it is important to me that you get your things done.

With the PRO version of my add-on you get PRO support on top. ✅

So if you have a question that keeps you awake, do get in touch with me.

I will answer your questions within the next 24 to 48 hours – and I do keep my words!

Look at the great feedback in the Spreadsheet Add-Ons webstore:

schedule & send email add on for google spreadsheets

Screenshot: Schedule & Send Email add on for Google Spreadsheets

[PRO ONLY] Advanced PRO Settings

To make this add-on as usable and convenient for everybody I also include features for very special and sometimes very unique cases like:

  • Skip refreshing data
  • Delay after refreshing
  • Insert or exclude reference footer in every email
advanced pro settings

Screenshot: Advanced PRO Settings

With PRO you benefit from this super advanced settings. Moreover you can request your exceptional features as well.

[PRO ONLY] Summary of your PRO features

With PRO you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Multiple Schedules: Send reports to different people at different times.
  • Unlimited Schedules: Setup as many schedules as you like.
  • PDF Merger: Merge all your sheets to one PDF file.
  • Super advanced settings: Like skip refreshing data or delay after refreshing.
  • Premium Support: I will answer every emails within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Further PRO features coming soon: Have a look on my TODO list. 
  • 14 days money-back guarantee

PRO costs ONLY $29.90 per year or $99 for a lifetime license. The subscription will NOT automatically extended after one year usage (only if you want it).

I also give you a 14-days money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the functionality during testing, just write me an email and I will refund your money.

Of course! You should not pay for something which doesn’t work for you because I also will not pay for something which does not work for me!

You can upgrade the add-on to the PRO version anytime and get immediatelly access to the PRO features.

That’s why: 👉 GET STARTING NOW!

Rating & Feedback

If you have any questions, feel free to have a look in my comprehensive FAQ section. Here you find a lot of Q&As from other users as well as use cases, further ideas as well as valuable hints.

Also have a look in my release notes if you are searching for a specific feature. In the release notes I continously update new and available features and also include my TODO list with upcoming features.

Finally if you have any wishes, ideas, use cases, etc. which are not yet possible with my add-on yet, you can always send me an email via my contact form. I am happy to further improve my add-on for you.

>> Now it’s time to get started.

Over 12.000+ users are already convinced: Try my schedule & send email add-on now!

If you like my add-on I am especially excited about a good rating in the Google Chrome web store.

Comments 8

  1. If you guys could add a bi-weekly option to the scheduler that would be SUPER!!! As is, I love the app just wanted to request another feature I know people will utilize.

    1. Post

      Hi Alex,

      thanks for your comment and feature suggestion. :-)))
      The bi-weekly feature is already on my todo list and I plan to implement it in the next couple of months.
      Have a look into my release notes to get to know when it will released.
      To get notified, you can upgrade to PRO to get regular release note newsletter.


  2. I would like to send a form based on a date entered into a sheet. The form is to be sent out in 42 days, 84 days or 168 days. Is that possible with this tool?

    1. Post

      Hi Gloria,

      this is possible using a little work around:
      1. Set your schedule to send daily (every day).
      2. In the email settings use a cell value as recipient, for example {%’RecipientSheet‘!A1%}
      3. Use a formula in field A1 to insert the correct recipient or nothing: =IF(A2=TODAY();““;““)
      The formula checks, if the email should be sent or not: If the current date („today“) equals the date in your cell A2 the email address is shown ( and inserted in the schedule. If the date in A2 is not equal to todays date, nothing is inserted (the empty quotes „“). If no recipient is available, the schedule doesn’t send any emails.

      Hope this helps you further.


  3. I need to be able to schedule my emails to go out just Monday through Friday. Is that possible?

    1. Post
        1. Post

          thanks for reaching out to me.

          Which timezone are you set in your Google Spreadsheet settings?
          Usually this issue appears when you have a different than expected timezone set up in your Sheets.
          Just change the timezone and the schedule should work correctly.

          If not, please let me know and we dig deeper into this.


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