Schedule & Send Emails 

in Google Sheets

Schedule emails and automatically send your Google Spreadsheets data to one or more recipients. Convert your sheets in PDF, Excel, ODS or CSV. Save it to Google Drive too.


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Everything you need in one convenient Add-On:

  • Simply Schedule your Emails

    Send them one time or on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually basis.

  • Enjoy more than typical Email Settings

    Send your scheduled emails to one or several recipients. Use dynamic fields to enhanced your email subject and body.

  • 📊

    Benefit from plentiful Report Settings

    You can convert one, several or your entire Spreadsheet as PDF, Excel, ODS or CSV file. For the PDF export you can select all typical PDF settings like the paper size e.g. A4 or A5, paper orientation e.g. portrait or landscape, margin, scale, formatting, etc.

  • 📁

    [OPTIONAL] Save to Google Drive

    Optionally, save a snapshot of your Spreadsheet export to Google Drive.

  • 📊

    Works perfectly together with the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-On

    Grab your Google Analytics, Google Ads or Doubleclick data via the Google Analytics Reporting API into Google Sheets and send your reports and dashboards automatically to your clients or boss.

  • 📈

    Works perfectly together with Supermetrics

    Grab any data like Facebook or Mailchimp from your Supermetrics data sources into Google Sheets and send your reports or dashboards automatically to your clients or boss.

Enjoy your Next Level Working Experience

  • Automate an never ending and kind of boring task: Sending emails manually.
  • Simplify your work! Lean back and let the plugin do the recurring work.
  • Save your time! Do some exciting stuff instead!
  • Reduce your overhead work! You have time for your actual work now.
  • Reduce making mistakes: The add-on never forget to send your emails.

... and there is more to come: See my TODO list with features requested from the community!

Don't take my word for it. See for yourself:

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  • 31.000+ monthly active users

  • 120+ countries

  • 4-Star Rating in Chrome Store

  • 140+ Awesome Reviews

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>> Get the Google Sheets Add-On (for free)!

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Hold on... There is even more: 😱

Schedule & Send Emails PRO 

Get 7+ advanced features and PRO Support for a ridiculously low price:

  • 📧

    Multiple Configurations

    You need to send your reports to your boss on a daily basis, to your colleagues once a week and for yourself as few as once a month? Amazing! Just create three independent schedules and the work is done forever.

  • 🕔

    Unlimited Schedules

    Don't be limited to 1 schedule per sheet. Enjoy greating an unlimited amount of schedules with PRO.

  • 🔧

    Advanced Schedule Configurations

    Like start date, end date, bi-weekly schedules and more.

  • 📃

    File Merger

    Don't sent each sheet of your Spreadsheet as a single file. Merge them all to one PDF, XLS or OSD file.

  • Dynamic Values for Filenames

    Insert dynamic values to your filenames like current date or dynamic data from any Sheet cell.

  • 🤓

    Dynamic Cell Ranges in Email Body

    Insert dynamic values to your email settings like current date in the email subject or important spreadsheet metrics in the email body.

  • Advanced PRO Settings

    Enjoy very advanced settings for special use cases like skip refreshing data or delay after refreshing.

  • 🗨

    Premium Support

    Do you have any questions or need help? Do get in touch with me. I answer all requests within the next 24-48 hours.

  • 💰

    14 Days Money-Back-Guarantee

    No questions asked.

$3710 Cents per Day
  • no future price increase for existing customers
  • premium support
  • immediatelly available
from $799
  • unlimited team members
  • custom feature development available
  • available upon request

14-Days Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Payment

I wish you a lot of time saving and work simplification with my Google Sheets Add-On.👍

Michaela Linhart,

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